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Enjoy our dolphin of humor and intelligence of dolphins, which are the second most intelligent mammal on the planet Earth after man. 

The friendship between humans and dolphins

These animals are well-known by their friendly character and curiosity. Divers are often analysed in detail by dolphins when they dive into the water. Probably you have already heard about dolphins saving other members of their species or even divers in distress by pulling them up until they reach the surface.
A report from New Zealand that dates back to 2004 explains how a group of dolphins interceded on behalf of three coastguards. A white shark approached them when they were swimming half a mile away from the coast, near to Whangarei. The group of dolphins detected the danger and surrounded the beast during forty minutes so the coastguards could save their lives.



Dolphins usually feed in coastal areas. They feed on a wide variety of fish and invertebrates. Those dolphins living far away from the coastal areas usually feed on mesopelagic fish and oceanic squids. However, their diet may vary according to the stock.

Intelligent animals

It has been confirmed that bottlenose dolphins are the second most intelligent animal species in the world. They have been ranked after humans and (recently) before apes. Some of the features that define the intelligence of these cetaceans are the following:

  • They have a very big brain - it is bigger than humans’! - in proportion to the size of their body.
  • They have their own language based on clicks and whistles. So far, humans have been unable to figure out their meaning.
  • They are able to recognise themselves when placed in front of a mirror.
  • They are able to respond to simple gestures and to obey orders.
  • They are able to use tools. Females usually use sponges to cover their nose and protect themselves while eating. This is a habit which is transmitted from mothers to daughters, so we could say that in the world of bottlenose dolphins there is something similar to what we call culture.



Bottlenose dolphins usually swim at a speed of 3-6 miles per hour, but they can reach a speed of 21 miles per hour in a short period of time.

How do dolphins sleep


Dolphins are light sleepers. Some scientists feel that the two parts of these animals’ brain work in shifts, which means that bottlenose dolphins use only one half of their brain while the other one is sleeping.

How do they breathe?


Every 5-8 minutes, dolphins must reach the surface so they can breathe through their spiracle. However, on average, they breath more often.

The eco-search

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As other dolphin species, these animals use an eco-search system which allows them to find food. They often cooperate on cornering their preys.


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