Macaws are a genus of birds in the parrot family (Psittacidae), the order of Psittaciformes, comprising 14 species (six of them extinct) from America, living from the jungles of Mexico to northeastern Argentina, approximately . They feed on insects and berries and live in trees.

17 species of macaws (23, if considered extinct), divided into 6 genera, being the largest genus Ara (initially this genre containing all other species, and in some books and sites still listed as recognized gender sole).


Ara ararauna





Danger of Extinction

Amenazada (vulnerable)


It is known as blue and yellow macaw, blue and gold macaw or macaw guardiazul. This parrot is the unmistakable representative of macaws, parrots with very powerful beaks and long tails.

Customs, food and habitat:

Blue and Yellow Macaw (Ara ararauna) is a distinctly South American Macaw: its range extends from Panama to northern Argentina, through the entire Amazon basin. Reproduce easily in captivity; free live in groups of 25-30 individuals.

It is known as pet bird from the first voyage of Columbus to Spain after the discovery of America. They are animals that breed well in captivity; since 1935 are reproduced in artificial conditions with relative ease, not having a defined breeding season and can reproduce throughout the year, but with particular intensity in the late spring.


They are very good pets, with good ability to mimic human speech, but require minimal daily attention from their owners or are likely to become depressed and remove the feathers. They need large cages, where they can spread their wings, as well as toys and room to exercise. These issues are common in almost all parrots.

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