The common or parakeet calancate Blue Crown (Aratinga acuticaudata) is a member of the genus Aratinga widely distributed in South America. Dispatched from northern Argentina to southeastern Colombia.


Thectocercus acuticaudatus





Danger of Extinction

Amenazada (vulnerable)


It is one of the largest specimens of the genus Aratinga, measuring approximately 37 cm long with a weight between 140 and 190 g. They are predominantly green with bluish discoloration of the head, crown, cheeks and ears.

Customs, food and habitat:

The breast feathers can be dyed blue but is more common to be green or yellowish-green. The tail feathers are green end red and brown to brown on the underside. His legs are a pinkish brown with brown gray nails.


The upper jaw is colored with blackish gray dots in adults and it is the lower jaw in juveniles, reaching to blackish gray second year of life.

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