Mundomar is proud to count among its exotic birds with Lorius Garrulos.


Lorius Garrulos





Danger of Extinction

Amenazada (vulnerable)



It measures twelve inches long.  Its color is bright red; a few yellow feathers in the middle part of the back, the curve of the wing and below it. The top of the wing is green, the rest is dark green, and their legs. It has a large mole of color in the inner membranes of the shirts. Its beak is orange and gray circle around your eyes that are red-Orange color.

Customs, food and habitat:

Customs, food and habitat:

Their diet is based on fruits and nectar. In the wild they live in pairs. They nest in hollow trees, from June to September. The female lays one or two eggs, which are incubated for a month.



This parrot enjoys the reputation of having a very remarkable mime but with the disadvantage of having a passionate and irritable temperament makes him quite aggressive with couples of different species; in their favor must anotarle gentleness and affection shown to her caregiver.