Macaws are a genus of birds in the parrot family (Psittacidae), the order of Psittaciformes, comprising 14 species (six of them extinct) from America, living from the jungles of Mexico to northeastern Argentina, approximately . They feed on insects and berries and live in trees.

17 species of macaws (23, if considered extinct), divided into 6 genera, being the largest genus Ara (initially this genre containing all other species, and in some books and sites still listed as recognized gender sole).


Ara militaris





Danger of Extinction

Amenazada (vulnerable)



Green Macaw (Ara militaris) is a bird of the genus Ara, the parrot family (Psittacidae) whose populations range from Mexico to northern Argentina.

Length 70 cm. 0.90 to 1.1 kg weight. The plumage is mostly green with slightly paler head. They have a patch of red feathers on the upper beak. The skin of the face is white with lines of small black feathers. Primary and secondary wing feathers shirts are blue. The tail feathers are edged red on blue. The bill is dark gray deposit. The iris is yellow.

Customs, food and habitat:

Customs, food and habitat:

It feeds on a variety of fruits, palm fruits, nuts, seeds, leaves, flowers, stems, leaves and buds of some trees. Some of their food may contain toxic or caustic substances which are capable of digesting. In the western region of the Amazon these animals consume clay rivers to neutralize almost daily. This clay also provides them with a source of sodium.



So fragmented these populations, their current situation is considered as vulnerable.

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