Coatis (genus Nasua), also called cusumbos, cuchuchos, gouaches, cats alone or coatis are two species of small omnivorous mammals of the American Canoidea superfamily and family procyonids.







Danger of Extinction

Amenazada (vulnerable)


They are diurnal animals that live in the soil and in the trees.

Customs, food and habitat:

They are omnivores and eat mainly fruits and invertebrados.Tienen a gestation period of 77 days and childbirth brings 2-4 offspring to vez.Es protected under CITES Appendix III species agreement.


The breeding of Quatis takes place between January and May in some places but can also occur between October and February.
After copulation specimens isolated males and females decide to start to build her nest ready for the future period of gestation and birth.
After the gestation period is around 74/77 days, females can be between 3-7 pups.
The delivery occurs between April and June.
Infants are altricial offspring (thus called in Zoology the pups are born blind, without ear canals open, almost hairless and with very limited mobility), reaching 78 gr to five days after birth.
They open their eyes after 10 days and are capable of up to 19 days, although not walk until they are almost a month. They begin to take solid food after 4 months.
Mom takes care of their babies until they are able to walk and jump, at which will be introduced in the group, but they take care of them until they are four months.

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