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Do you want to enjoy a day surrounded by mammals at Mundomar? Don’t hesitate to visit this marine animal park in Benidorm, designed for children and adults alike to have a great time. You can discover a range of species, see exhibitions and interact with the animals themselves.

The most curious mammals 

Some of the animals at Mundomar are very curious! Here is a small selection of them:

  • Coati (or cusumbo): a small omnivorous mammal from America, characterised by its unique anatomy. They are diurnal and live either on the ground or in the trees.
  • Titi: a miniature monkey originating from Central and South America. These are a diurnal species that live in groups of around 12 individuals. 
  • Dik dik: one of the four antelopes that live in the thickets of the African continent. Their most curious feature is their prehensile snout, which can be moved in all directions.
  • Meerkat: a small mammal that lives in the Kalahari desert and the Namib region of Africa, known for being a digger and having a kind appearance, but fierce when provoked.
  • Seals: Often confused with sea lions, they can be differentiated from them by their absence of external ears and the fact that their limbs are not so well adapted to life on land.
  • Dolphins and sea lions are the star attractions for most visitors to the park and you can find more information about them in the experiences discussed below. In addition, you can continue to discover the other interesting mammals and animals of our park in the page where we feature many more of them.

Experiences with animals at Mundomar

We offer the opportunity to enjoy this place surrounded by many species and we can even involve children in different experiences with animals. If you don’t want to get wet, one of the best recommended ways to interact with the animals and learn more is the Carer Experience, but it’s worth reading about all our experiences to help you make a choice.

Keeper Experience

You have the opportunity to enter the natural habitat of the Sun Conure, lemur, Squirrel monkey, turtle, otter or Eclectus parrot, among others. You can also perform the park carer’s tasks such as feeding them, looking after their basic needs and creating entertaining games for them.

¿Do you want to know how it feels to be an animal carer? We offer you a carer experience at Mundomar that will allow you to get up close and personal with a range of species.

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Experiences with dolphins

One of the experiences with animals at Mundomar is meeting the dophins, a different way of getting in touch with these very affectionate mammals, with their eternal smile and distinctive clicking sound. The carer explains in detail their anatomy and physiology, as well as knowing why they swim the way that they do or what their favourite foods are.

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Experiences with sea lions

Swimming with sea lions is one of the most impressive experiences and we offer you the opportunity to make your dream come true. For thirty minutes, together with the trainers, you can experience the love and good humour which is characteristic of these fascinating creatures.

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Come and enjoy seeing the mammals at Mundomar – you’ll have an unforgettable experience!

Do you want to know more about our experiences?

Visit Mundomar Experience to know much more about what you can experience with each one of them

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