Mundomar opens its door with a wide range of new attractions

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For the last 17 years Mundomar has been constantly reinventing itself, with its unique atmosphere, making it a must for all nature lovers. With the aim of maintaining the same high levels of quality, Mundomar is back with great new activities and months’ full of wonderful celebrations.

New Shows
This time, the year’s first event at Mundomar for visitors is Saint Valentines, which will be celebrated every weekend throughout the month of February. The main venue will be the Dolphin enclosure, where these incredible animals and their new show, dedicated to love, will enamour all those who come to watch.
The new season arrives with new stars and this year sees a new show with the astonishing free-flight sessions by our tropical birds, where you can enjoy some of Mundomar’s most exotic flying species, in an activity where these beautiful animals put their full plumage on show, allowing visitors to see them at their very best.
If the dolphins are visitors’ most beloved animals, the sea-lions are the ones who bring out the most laughter and the widest smiles from the public and this season they come with new stories and settings: pirates, a treasure map and voyage to be charted. All that is left is to find the right crew members to set off on the trip of a lifetime.
As part of our ongoing effort to introduce children to the qualities of love and respect for Nature, we present “The King of the Forest”, a show which includes performances by a magnificent group of parrots, where we will learn that many, many years ago, they were the true Kings of the forest. Although their throne was taken away from them, now is the time to get it back. A story in which both young and old will enter a colourful world of fantasy, thanks to interactive videos, which create unique, breath-taking scenes thanks to the combination of light and colour.
Unique Experiences
Mundomar has become one of the world’s leading Exotic and Marine Wildlife theme parks, with numerous acknowledgments for the staunch support in caring for wildlife, the efforts to transmit love for Nature and in letting the public enjoy an ever-growing number of exotic and marine animals at close quarters. The whole experience can be completed with any one of the most surprising activities on show anywhere, such as swimming with sea-lions or enjoying close encounters with dolphins.

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