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<p>Up goes the shout, ACTION! Mundomar’s team of dolphins in the roles of their lives. The Dolphin enclosure will become a Hollywood-style Walk of the Stars as these these wonderful, friendly mammals show off as if on the silver screen. There you will see Aqua, Camino, Matiee, Julito, Jade, Leah, Farah and Eduardo, the brightest stars around. Together and joined at all times, by their trainers, they will delight the public with gravity-defying acrobatics.  Somersaults, foot push or tail walk . . . .the excersises they go through in this new show require not only great skill on the part of the trainers but also extreme coordination on the part of the dolphins.<br />
This new show has a central theme linked to the 20th Century’s greatest movies and all those that represent a &quot;before&quot; and &quot;after&quot; for a whole generation. Over twenty well-known soundtracks from films such as E.T., Back to the Future, The Wizard of Oz or Grease, will provide the accompaniment to this new show which will include many unexpected surprises, including the one-and-only James Bond, who will slide in by zip-line.<br />
Following on in the same style, one of the show’s most enchanting moments is when one of the trainers emulates the flim, Ghost, whilst singing live. To the tune of the romantic ballad, another of the young female trainers will take part in an acquatic dance with one of Mundomar’s dolphins, a moment which is sure to bring the house down.<br />
This new show aims to help Mundomar, the theme park which is home to so many exotic animals, aspire to the &quot;Oscar&quot; for the best dolphin show.</p>

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