Princess Esmeralda of Belgium visits Mundomar

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Princess Esmeralda de Belgium visited Mundomar to see for herself the Dolphin Therapy programme, which has been offered by the Benidorm wildlife complex for the last 14 years. Her Royal Highness is Honorary President of the Delphus Foundation which helps Autistic children. The relationship between the Aqualandia/Mundomar Foundation and the Delphus Foundation goes back 10 years. Since then, every year, Mundomar welcomes a group of autistic children from Delphus to enjoy its Dolphin Therapy programmes.
A total of 4000 children from all over the worlds have already enjoyed Dolphin Therapy at Mundomar, the only centre in Europe to offer this programme, which is completely free. In each case, the Aqualandia/Mundomar Foundation absorbs the cost of treatment with revenue generated by its companies business activities (Terra Mítica-Aqualandia-Mundomar) Without the Mundomar Dolphin Therapy programme, families would have to travel as far as USA or Israel and pay the whole cost of the therapy, which can be expensive.
Dolphin Therapy is organised weekly for each family. The sessions last 30 minutes and consist of different stages: the first stage is initial contact with the enclosure, whilst the second stage focusses more closely on sensorial aspects and the final stage involves direct contact between the child and the dolphin in a natural setting.
Dolphins transmit waves underwater which are beneficial to the children’s nervous systems, since it helps their powers of concentration, perception, attention span and social skills. In the same way, this activity helps the dolphin by enriching it’s environment, allowing it to face new situations in a playful, enjoyable manner.
For the Aqualandia/Mundomar Foundation, the future of the Dolphin Therapy programme lies in the attempt to include more children, given the high demand.

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