The dolphins of Mundomar support working women

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The staff at Mundomar is made up of 65% women, who undertake all kinds of tasks, including a number of supervisory and team management roles. Our full commitment and ability to improvise has allowed us, at this premier wildlife park, to create a special Experience Day to highlight the unceasing work of women everywhere. This is Mundomar’s way of celebrating 8th March with a first-ever special offer for the Benidorm complex: A 50% discount for all working women who wish to see “Encounter with Dolphins” tomorrow, 8th March, at Mundomar.
Our dolphins are the undisputed stars of the park. “Encounter with Dolphins” is one of the most exclusive shows, compared to other European parks, since it offers visitors the chance to interact directly with these incredible sea mammals. The aim of the show is to offer a deeper understanding of their bodies and lifestyles, as well as their development, adaptation to the sea and their lives at Mundomar. In 2013 alone, nearly 10000 Mundomar visitors took the chance to enjoy this unique adventure, which results in 70% of all spectators returning for a second time.
As well as the chance to enjoy our exclusive “Encounter with Dolphins” at such a special price, only available tomorrow, 8th March; those working women who choose to visit Mundomar, will get to see over 80 species of exotic animals and sea life and they will be delighted by other attractions, featuring the parrots, sea lions and dolphins who live at the complex and have made it into the landmark it is.

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