Advantages of visiting Mundomar in winter

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The new Mundomar opening times are another encouragement to visit this animal park for children and parents in the city of Benidorm. We’ll tell you why it’s going to be especially good for you to stop by our facilities at this time of year.

Now Mundomar is open all year round

Indeed, it is the same with the park as with the city in which it is located, Benidorm. The experiences in this city of the Costa Blanca are not only for the summer, as there are entertainment activities throughout the year. Why should it be any different with animals? Mundomar in winter is as good a leisure option as it is during the summer.

Why is it worth going to an animal park in winter?

Times are changing and more and more workers are enjoying their holidays before or after the summer. So consider that, outside of high season, it may be even more satisfying to take a visit to a Mundomar that opens all year round. In addition, for all people residing in Spain, spending a weekend in Benidorm is a great idea, including the possibility of spending a day in Mundomar, even easier for those living in the provinces of Alicante and Valencia.

We adapt so that it can be enjoyed all year round

In an environment such as Benidorm, with such a privileged climate, you can take advantage of outdoor life during any season. We adapt to these circumstances and, for the first time, we offer you our animal park services in winter. If you are one of those who suffer a little in the summer heat, take advantage of the most pleasant temperatures of the coming months to enjoy the most fascinating mammals and birds close up.

The specific opening times of Mundomar in winter

Finally, remember that we’ll open from 10.00 am and until mid-afternoon. Check the specific times here, as the park does not open every day. We remind you that it is worth calling us to book a place on our main activities, such as the Mundomar Experience, in which children, with the supervision of our monitors, will be able to feed and look after our animals themselves.

In short, the new Mundomar opening times make it easy for you to also enjoy an animal park that is open all year round.

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Hello, will you be open in November as we’re coming on holiday and our sons birthday is on the 15th and looking to come here. Many thanks Laura

Atención online Mundomar

Hi Laura. We can’t be sure of a date. We are currently planning to stay open until the beginning of November, but that could change. Regards!

Hello,I have purchased 7 tickets for mundomar on 25/10 but unfortunate need to cancel. How do I get a refund please?

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