Shows that will leave you with your mouth open.
Dolphin shows, parrots shows, sea lions shows…

Discover them in Mundomar!

Emotions, Dolphins Show

Emotions, Dolphins Show

Experience the magic of dolphins

At Mundomar you'll enjoy our endearing skillful dolphins in the best show on earth: acrobatic feats, impossible jumps, and many surprises await!

"A show that will surprise you and you will discover these exceptional animals"


  • 13:30
  • 16:30
The journey of our lifetime, Parrot Show

The journey of our lifetime, Parrot Show

Come and see our intelligent and sympathetic tropical birds

We will travel to the most remote places on the planet hand in hand with our friends the parrots. On the way, we will meet other species of the cycle of life.

"The parrots are very funny and very smart."


  • 11:15
  • 14:30
  • 15:30
In search of the treasure, sea Lions Show

In search of the treasure, sea Lions Show

You will have the opportunity to know, closer than ever, the greatness of these incredible marine mammals.

From the hands of their keepers, you will discover what they are like and curiosities that will allow you to understand their way of life.

"A fun way to learn. Participating is a joy."


  • 12:15
  • 17:15

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