In Mundomar want you to feel at home, and for that we give you all the facilities to be able to access a wide range of services covering all your needs, including those more specific and particular.

In our animal park you will not miss anything.

Whether it is your first time visiting our park as if you have been in the past, you should not leave without visiting our gift shop and souvenirs.

In our stores you will notice a varied range of products so you will find that special souvenir or the perfect gift for your friends and family, illustrating perfectly the emotions and feelings that have lived in our park.

From shirts to caps, utensils, stationery, postcards and a host of new items every week, visiting our shop you will find fun and inescapable.

All our products incorporate the most solid guarantees and have stringent quality certifications, which ensure high durability.

Our largest store is located right at the entrance of the park, which serves as the output can visit after your visit to our facilities, prior to admire your photos. These snapshots (on sale for a little price) are also an exceptional memory of his step Mundomar.

We also have another shop at the top of the park opposite the Dolphinarium Pirate Galleon, from which wineries you can enjoy a fantastic view of the underwater dolphin.

What we have to you?




Sea Objects



Fashion Jewellery

Paints and wall sheets

Clocks and wall decorations

Domestic decoration




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Estimado visitante,

Siguiendo las recomendaciones establecidas por las autoridades sanitarias, Mundomar ha decidido cesar temporalmente su actividad de ocio hasta que la situación quede solventada ya que la seguridad de clientes y empleados es nuestra máxima prioridad.

No obstante, en Mundomar se mantiene el personal y los servicios necesarios para garantizar su completo bienestar animal.

Seguimos estrictamente los protocolos de prevención para garantizar la salud de los animales y de sus cuidadores. Los animales reciben atención constante de sus cuidadores, biólogos y veterinarios.

Para más información, no dude en contactar con nosotros en el tlf. 965 860 100 o por email a