Mundomar invites you to enjoy the best of the sensations through its new and exclusive activity "Keeper for a day".

It is a unique experience that allows the visitor to know more than a dozen species of exotic and marine animals.

The “caretaker for a day” will become one of the great family of Mundomar and will have the opportunity to enter the universe of the Meatwatch, Toucans, Saimiris or Eclectus, participate in the tasks of feeding and care as well as interact with each One of the species in their natural habitat.

Enter the world of our animals accompanied by one of our professionals.

The unforgettable tour includes:

La Laguna and its inhabitants, Suricates, Turtles, Turtles, Owls, Eclectus, Coatíes, Lemurs Vari, Toucans, Otters, Aviary, Saimiris, Lemures Catta.

A whole day ahead full of excitement, fun and learning as the “caretaker for a day” will be aware of the curiosities and secrets that await the inhabitants of Mundomar.

What do the Ecleptus eat? How do turtles live?

The new activity of Mundomar “Caretaker for a day” will answer these and many more why. Live in your park of flora and fauna of Benidorm the most natural experience and enjoy a Sea of ​​Fun.

Number of participants: 4

Children between 5 and 7 years old (inclusive) must be accompanied by an adult. From 8 years, they can do it alone.

Not suitable for people with disabilities or pregnant women.

This experience includes:

The entrance to the park
3 photos with animals (Lemures catta, Vari lemures, Tortugas)
Caregiver T-shirt
A folder with original design
An original keychain


There is no requirement, only desire to have fun and learn.

Duration: 2 hours.

Do you want to know everything about this experience?

Download now the complete file of this experience and know all the details.

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