Discover the unusual curiosities of Mundomar’s animals at the first Environmental Summer School. It’s the perfect plan for summer!

Come to Mundomar and have an enriching experience alongside our animals that you are sure to enjoy like nothing else. This year we include access to Aqualandia, one of the greatest water park in Spain, where your kids will refresh themselves in this Water Party. They will have a great time full of fun.

The Mundomar Summer School stands out in that it is the first environmental summer school of its kind. This fun summer school is held during the months of July, August and September  at Mundomar and it is meant for children between 5 and 12 years old.

Students who attend will have a blast with the animal species that live at Mundomar. The main aim of this summer school is to educate children on respect for nature while giving them the opportunity to learn about some unusual curiosities of the animals at Mundomar.

The activities that make up the educational syllabus include: educational talks focused on the animals at Mundomar like the sea lions and dolphins; crafts, mathematics applied to the animal world, English, environmental enrichment workshops, etc.


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