The foundation carries out different actions, activities, services and programmes, all related to the promotion of training and research on nature, the environment and marine biology.

Among all these actions and activities are the organisation of courses and conferences for schools and universities; collaborations in projects of companies or institutions to promote education on environmental issues; development of programmes and research on nature or aimed at the conservation of species; development of programmes with universities and colleges for the benefit of students in the areas of biology and marine sciences and development of programmes for interaction with animals in the marine environment for people with mental or physical dysfunctions.

With these types of activities that are carried out from the foundation, we mean to introduce tasks of analysis that not only show the recreational work of this foundation, but also its association with sociocultural programmes for groups and associations of patients or marginalised, vulnerable groups. The recreational purpose is linked to the development of educational programmes and social welfare. A small task to help many people, and our environment.

The Foundation will endeavour to achieve its objectives through the services, programmes and actions detailed below, as well as through any other activity that seeks to promote specialised training and research into the aims of the Foundation.

  • Design and implementation of programmes, courses, conferences and similar actions for schools, universities and other sectors to encourage environmental care, especially that of the Marine Environment.
  • Promotion of education in environmental issues through collaboration in projects of national and international companies or institutions. Creation and editing of books, commercials, documentaries or other forms of publication that facilitate and contribute to the development of environmental awareness and knowledge.
  • Development and support of research on issues related to Nature, especially the Marine Environment.
  • Establishing programmes aimed at the conservation of species, and in particular those of the marine environment.
  • Design and development of programmes with national and international Universities, Colleges, Institutes, Training and Research Centres for the benefit of students in the areas of biology and marine sciences.
  • Design and development of programmes for interaction with animals in the Marine Environment for people with psychic or physical dysfunctions.
  • Design and development of fund-raising programmes and other means necessary to finance the Organisation's activities and projects.
  • The beneficiaries of the Foundation will be all those persons and Entities that participate or benefit from the Programmes, courses, services, and activities object of the foundational aims in the development of the environmental awareness and knowledge.

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